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Since 1970

Scanfil fine thread by forbitex

The Scanfil brand was founded in The Netherlands in 1970.  Our company remains family owned, and we continue to manufacture all of our threads in Europe.  Our state-of-the-art facilities and innovative thinking allow us to produce the finest thread you will find, by methods that ensure sustainable and ethical textile production - worker-friendly and good for the planet.






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The Finest

The finest thread starts with the finest fibers.

Scanfil makes

Earth Friendly Thread

We also offer finest-quality

Polyester, Linen, Elastic, Invisible, Metallic & other specialty threads


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For Our
Thread Artists

Scanfil thread is the best thread for the memories you make…whether you sew, embroider, quilt or craft.

Make-Ups are shown in yards, not meters.  Our biodegradable wooden spools and cones are intelligently designed to serve you well.

And don’t be fooled by the price – this is the mercerized, very low in lint, ultra smooth and strong thread you love.

So, the best thread, PLUS the best value.

We call it the thread that’s too good to be true…but isn’t!

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At Scanfil, your best thread program is not impossible…it’s unsurpassable.

We offer a comprehensive, innovative range, glorious colors, the highest quality, competitive pricing, and the distribution program you need for the best inventory management.

Our beautiful, compact, low maintenance store displays allow you to offer 50% more product – and better product! – in the same space you’ve already allotted.

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